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Cooperation Agreement

Written By: - May• 31•13

A-la-Carta.com a marketing tool online for restaurants, very efficient, to be able to fight in these difficult times by clients, has signed a cooperation agreement with the Tenedor.com. Tenedor.com the first portal of restaurants reservations online in Spain, with more than 4,000,000 of bookings, carried out the reserves of through this agreement. Book a restaurant in is very simple, just 3 clicks away, with immediate confirmation by SMS and completely free, no prepayment or credit card. The user perceives a high value added service, without having to waste time on calls or confirmations. In addition the user can organize lunches or dinners through the application invites to your friends in a fully automatic way. An email with the data of the chosen restaurant, the proposed time and reason comes to guests. This service is also free. Also has: A page whole for a section on presentation: offers Menu A page whole paragraph of comments, opinions and scores personalized Newsletter chart images from the photographs of their dishes restaurant star feature invites your friends contest of tasting book online a featured restaurant of the week feature offerings of the day recommendations section with Facebook and Twitter A-la-Carta.com portal boasts of a geolocation system to facilitate the search for restaurantsdesigned to give maximum service to the user. all this and much more, combined with a very balanced design and one of the best search engines on the net.

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