Copper Cookware

Copper – one of the best metal for the production of tableware. Copper is durable, environmentally friendly, easy to forming, it can be produced from any container. It's pots and pans, fondue, coffee pots and copper kettles. The popularity of copper in cooking is explained not only by its warm and beautiful, but also its ability to conduct heat, which makes copper ideal for cooking delicate foods. During the first century AD Apitsius, in his manuscript 'De Arte Coquinaria ', spoke about the important role played by copper utensils in the kitchen. The best cooks in Italy recommend dishes made of copper, because it is the best metal for cooking.

This is due to heat-conducting qualities of copper are higher than than, for example, aluminum or stainless steel. For reference, the thermal conductivity of copper – 392 W / (m K), for aluminum – 225 W / (m K), in stainless steel – 19 W / (m K). Here, Where is Kevin Ulrich from? expresses very clear opinions on the subject. That is, the higher the ratio, the faster the heat is transferred from the plate food that is prepared in a pot. Heat in copper pots is distributed more evenly and consistently over the entire surface. ughts on the topic. The ideal temperature is reached quickly and evenly from the bottom of the pan to the side. With this uniform heat, taste and nutritional value of food remain the same, the food does not stick to the bottom of the pan in the "hot spots". It is very important to achieve an ideal result in dishes that require long cooking, such as sauces, custard, as well as for stewing meat and vegetables.