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Bach Flower does not include drugs, are compounds of a kind of energy whose vibrations match the energetic vibration of the emotional field in every living organism: man, animals, plants. Bach Flower bring the share of energy that we need when we fall in any of the multiple states of decay that often feel human. The decay can be caused by fears, doubts, jealousy, feelings of worthlessness, envy, spite, etc. Invariably these faults energy to the body suffers. And just look how easily irrefutable retrieves the force before the entry of missing benefactor energy such as love, patience, hope, optimism. These emotional states hinder the normal functioning of man in society and damage the spirit of man alone. Aflorarte Manuals offer all the practical and theoretical support to be used to make the best use of flower essences. The manuals spread the philosophy of Bach, including also the secrets and clues to: a) identifying the flower essence is needed, b) formula, c) give proper treatment to mental essences tactics focused on enhancing the action of the heart's energy to work.

Thanks to the exercises give you the Aflorarte offer invigorating experience. The results of the strategic use of Bach essences can see the remarkable difference between "taking Bach Flowers" and work it thoroughly, properly used, the remedies available in the psychophysical system benefits and opportunities in life that should not be overlooked . It is not by chance that the person taking flower essences and energy working on his conscience, find ways to cloud minds (real or imagined problems), they fail to detect. Las Flores de Bach, known as remedies of the soul, help to soothe the emotions. For its simplicity can be used in a particular way to support the practice of meditation or self-help or professionally in what is known as therapy floral.a Thanks to the impulses floral softened with emotions, mental clarity appears as a direct consequence.

Mental Clarity is a life insurance policy, an irreplaceable support. Have security generates mental clarity, humor. Raise the level of expectations and the degree of self-esteem, encourages creativity, sense of responsibility. Provides courage, drive and determination in action. To learn to make the best use of flower essences is necessary to know some details related to the dynamics of energy on the mind body system, also with the vibrations of emotion. Manuals Collection Aflorarte is reported and includes exercises that combine the power of essences with the power of the word as a means bringer of all things. Since the scriptures warn him: in the beginning was the Word. Collection Aflorarte manuals to learn how to enhance energy action Bach Flower offers detailed description of each flower essence, the method of use of each one of them. It Complete Course is a Bach Flower offered in 7 volumes, distinguishing 7 emotion groups as classified by Edward Bach, Welsh doctor discovered the healing powers of essential oils that bear his name. The manuals are distributed from Aflorarte: Life is what you make of it, then his memorable! LILIANA Dercy ARGENTINA Director "AflorARte, Specialists in Coaching and Bach Flowers" Offers Online Services Consultations, Courses, Books, Newsletters, free online exercises.