Decorate Small Departments

Curtains for you! You do not have to live with blinds standard. Year a dramatic touch and obtains more comfortable atmospheres with the curtains. It takes into account the tricks that can do with the curtains so that its space is seen greater. It even hangs them outside the window or where there are no windows.

It hangs them of ground to ceiling to create the height perception, or to cause that they hang of a cornice that hides the twig that maintains the curtain. 2. To see clearly. Tables or chairs I am transparent and all the glass surfaces give the opening impression, at the same time acting as that you need. 3. Clear things. Year light it arrives, down and everything around to create interest and the space sensation. ” I am addict car-confessing to lmparas” , it says to the designer Rum Marvin, expert in small spaces and author of small space, great style.

” They are the most surprising form to make feel a warm and cosy home. The use of several lamps within a space creates a warm brilliance in habitacin”. And its trick more important: One does not forget to put everything in a regulator. ” When you have you visit of friendly can change an atmosphere by means of the regulation of the lights, doing it more cosy. Also, it will maintain dancing his seen around the room, giving the illusion of which more the space is grande.” 4. To maintain the balance. Unless you are trying to make a declaration dramatic, with an immense sofa in the room, its small space, probably she feels better with smaller and modern furniture. It is balance question. The departments that really are seen greater with the furniture in them they are those in which the furniture and the space appropriate and are fit to you: ” If you are great, the furniture also must be it, ” Marvin says.