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Diagnosis: 40 Degrees Art!

Written By: - Dec• 30•14

There is a permanent exhibition of art Refugium e.V., which can be seen from 04.03.2011 ab for six months in the Einstein RT 130 in Munich in Bogenhausen Medical Center under this motto. In the modernly furnished rooms of the specialist centre, currently only a few pictures decorate the walls and the works of the members of the Association are to create additional coziness. At the same time to shorten the waiting time and make the visit to the doctor for some pleasant, by inviting to the confrontation with art and its consideration. Art refuge is an Association of artists from all over Germany who start nationwide joint art projects and market themselves online together. In its three years of existence, the Group of artists has, currently, there are already a good degree of popularity reached approximately 40 artists from various fields of the Visual Arts through an active exhibition activity. “” Besides classic exhibition concepts, there are again unusual projects such as an art Exchange action, the image line “or the art bed”.

A special By art sanctuary seeks, which bring to art directly to the people, to provide access to those that find their way into the Museum or galleries or less. Not removed or elitist art Forum, but a vibrant subculture that makes the creative process again first hand experience. In addition the Club is engaged in increasingly socially diverse children’s workshops or fundraising for the Heidelberg children’s Hospice, rie or UNICEF. “The current exhibition diagnostic: 40 art” Gallery of the MVZ in the Einstein offers a wide range contemporary art: from the fields of photography, painting and graphics, nearly 30 artists show work, illuminating the subject from different angles. The exhibiting artists see themselves as infected by the fever of art and want to connect even the viewer through their presentation. At the same time also had the salutary effect of artistic activity, as well as their preview in the truest sense of the word in mind should occur.

The vernissage will take place on Friday, the 04.03 at 6: 00 in the Einsteinstrasse 130, 81675 Munich, 4th floor, instead. Entertaining moderated by Prof. Dr. Steike all art lovers at the champagne reception and subsequent submission of culinary specialities are welcome. Following the exhibition is until end of July may each to see the business hours of the Medical Center. Contact: Alexander Snehotta of Kimratshofen (1 Board) Prince Regent Street 94 D-81677 Munich Tel: + 49 (0) 152 019 11 019 email:

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