How to create a dialogue of film always it will be us Paris, God is my witness that I’ll never ever go hungry or life is like a box of cookies, are quotations from the history of cinema that have jumped on the screen to be installed in popular proverbs. They are pills that have been us in remembrance and philosophy that have emerged of anthology films. And it is a great movie, among other things, is remembered for his great dialogues. Surely Casablanca would not be the same movie if phrases missing you like this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, it will always be Paris or play it again, Sam. They say that directors like Wong Kar-wai recorded without script or that the Casablanca became dialogues at the time, but being fair to the screenwriters, a good dialogue requires much talent and much work because it is not easy. Not everyone can make a good dialogue, but is something that can be learned. There are many courses that you they teach how to write a screenplay, but very few teach you how to properly write a good dialogue.

Theoretical many times in classes on script focused too much on structure and format and set aside something as basic as the dialogues. The dialogues are not an extra in the film, something that gets to fill they give us many clues about the characters. The dialogues are so important that even in the television series there is a person who is responsible especially for this, while others are responsible for the screenplay. In film, this is not normal, but be that as it may, a screenwriter must know good dialogues to put on a good structure and this can be learned in a course of writer specializing in dialogues. In a course of this nature, there are few, you can discover all the secrets of a good dialogue.Laura Bermejo Torres is also writer and film journalist. Screenwriting is something that everyone can learn, but you should get advice and be guided by the best professionals. The author, from his personal experience, recommends that novice writers take a course in screenplay specializes in dialogues to know this fundamental part of the script. Source: Press release sent by laura5.