Discover The Ancient World Of Greece

Greece Greece – Discover the ancient world, has come down to us from the abyss of years. Recently, the country's transport network has been upgraded greatly, resulting in Greece now has a unified transport structure, which allows fast and safe to travel across the country. Top Tours in Greece from the travel agency "Happiness Travel": Athens, Crete, Rhodes, Corfu, Halkidiki. Greece has five international airports (Athens, Thessaloniki, Rhodes, Heraclitus and Corfu) and 22 national airports, according to statistics, 81.9% of tourists travel to Greece, using local airlines. Holidays in Greece – a holiday in the world of the past. In Greece you can hire a car for quite modest fee. Greece is also rich in beaches with well-developed infrastructure, which provides high-quality services (umbrellas, reclining chairs, changing rooms, cafes, restaurants, bars, etc.).

All banks Greece has its own beauty and charm. That they are thus, because of what it takes to spend their holidays in Greece. The southern part of. Corfu less mountainous than the north, but differs in a variety of terrain. For those interested in architecture, tourists, traveling in the south of Corfu, you should make the first stop for inspection Achillion Palace. "This monstrous building" – so wrote about it the English writer Lawrence Durrell, who together with his brother-naturalist Gerald spent his teenage years on Corfu. I should say that, being a mixture of architectural styles, the palace can not please many.

But its uniqueness is not in doubt. Here found Karavaiko, heron, ugolosaty stilt, avocet. In the spring blooming orchids here. Dune – the habitat of snakes and lizards, and a pen around the lagoon inhabited by frogs and turtles. To the north of the lagoon is a lock Gardiki, built in the XIII century by order of Michael Comnenus II, the Byzantine ruler of Epirus. On his orders, was also built not preserved castle in the village of Paleokastritsa Angelokastro in the north-west coast. The walls and several towers of the castle Gardiki survived to this day. In these places were found remains of early man dating back to 40,000 BC