Diverse Factors

Therefore the character is formed through diverse factors, such as the trends, social and physiological factors and is revealed by the man, voluntarily, in sight of the values for it received or elaborated. The manifest character through social activities, with moral and ethical implications. When the individual is deceptive, steals, sequestra, kills, among others, shows negative traces of the character. Already when it is proud, egoistic, irresponsible, raging, etc, mainly demonstrates its also negative characteristics of personality. A character, under the psychic point of view, can be good or bad, firm or weak and when the predominant characteristic is negative, the fight against this trend is enormous and with a firm decision it only is that the individual obtains to change or to improve its character and this it obtains making one ‘ ‘ reform ntima’ ‘. Already for Guimares, inside of the vision of the TVP, it affirms: character is a set of trends, good and bad, talentos and defects that we bring inside inlaid of our personality to the rising. It is I make rancio as it viscous of our previous personalities.

3Freud, 1961, P. 83 4 Fromm, 1964, P. 81 the door If you open a door, you she can or not enter in a new room. But, if you to win the doubt, the fear, and to enter, of the one great step: in this room it is lived. But, also, it has a price are innumerable other doors that you discover.

The times one is tanned a thousand and. The great secret is to know when and which door must be opened the life is not rigorous It propitiates errors and rightnesss the errors can be transformed into rightnesss when with them if it learns does not exist security of the perpetual rightness. The life is generous to each room that if lives, uncovers as much other doors.