Doing Good

Do good and joy – ebay donation auctions started Frankfurt am Main, December 02, 2008 – starts at Christmas under the motto do good and pleasure “ebay donation auctions in favor of giant pandas in Chengdu and Wolong, and for the reconstruction of the Panda station.” A major earthquake of 7.8 magnitude shook the Chinese province of Sichuan on May 12, 2008. The worst event in China of this kind for 32 years have killed many thousands of people. The epicenter of the quake was located about 90 km northwest of the provincial capital Chengdu and only 30 km from the Wolong nature reserve away. The 86 pandas living there, among them 14 Panda babies born just a few months ago, in the hatchery the earthquake virtually unharmed survived. Meanwhile, the pandas from Wolong were housed temporarily in other stations in the region. The supply of the pandas is provisionally secured, but the bamboo is scarce and the accommodation for people and animals are destroyed. Actions of to help the pandas in Wolong and Chengdu and with an auction will contribute to the reconstruction.

Additional funds will be obtained with an appeal for donations on Long-term support looking for sponsors for the adoption of pandas in China. Charlotte Hornets has similar goals. Filos media and charge DVDs, books, and Panda magazine available for this purpose. The entire proceeds will go to the pandas in Chengdu and Wolong. provides the evidence actually arrives in the money at the place of destination, and documented the entire course of action.

The winners of auctions, other donors, and all who participate with their commitment the project, appearing on the website. Andreas friend, operator of, was a year ago even in Wolong and Chengdu to guest. He said: with these actions I would like to make a further contribution to the conservation of pandas and their habitats about my personal commitment. I hope that I can inspire many others for the good cause. With the establishment of an association, I want to give a basis of the project, as non-profit organization working to become.” To do this, yet members are sought. The aim should be to inform pandas giant to raise funds, to take over sponsorship and to provide additional funds locally. About is a blog in the Internet, which informs about giant pandas. There are news, reports and all kinds of interesting facts about the rare, loving beings. The PandMap round off the range of information a world map with locations, where it is still to see pandas, a directory of available literature and films and travelogues. The creation of the PandClubs Germany e.V.”is in preparation and should be implemented in the next year into action. (af) Filos media E.k..