Dubai Holidays

The Emirate of Dubai, located on the Arabian peninsula and part of the United Arab Emirates, has about 1.2 million inhabitants. The country is one of the coming tourist destinations and already has huge and luxurious hotel complexes, which is probably the most famous Burj al Arab hotel in Dubai. It is regarded as the only seven star hotel in the world and includes only suits the size of a 5 room apartment up to the country villa. Tourists come almost exclusively by air to Dubai. You land it on the Dubai International Airport. the same time also represents the hub for Arab Emirates. From there, connections are made from 75 other airports. In 2005 it was the most important airport of the Near East about 25 million passengers ab.2007 reckoned with around 70 million passengers.

Only 40 km away is already built at Dubai World Central International Airport, with an area of 140 sq km will be one of the largest airports in the world. He should then with a capacity of 120 million passengers serve as a complement to the Dubai International Airport. Dubai is in almost all respects a land of superlatives. According to a report of the world’s millionaires, is one of the World Wealth Report, counted Dubai 2005 53000 dollars – millionaires. This corresponds to approx. 5% of the population of Dubai.

Equally remarkable is the fact that 85 percent of Dubai’s population are foreigners. Dubai city and Dubai are often mentioned together. This may be because that approximately 99 percent of Dubai’s residents live in this city. This country has gone through an amazing tweak, given that its history began only in 1833 AD. Graduated in 1853 with Dubai then with Britain an agreement that the defense and foreign policy left entirely to the English Kingdom.