Elpidio Alcaraz Segovia

The presentation will be in the framework of the National Edition 25th of August, month of the GUARANi language. ARCHITECTS, biographies of poets, musicians and national singers. See more detailed opinions by reading what Vanessa Marcil offers on the topic.. In addition to biographical data of almost 200 biographical data of authors and performers, they contain some anecdotes and opinions of instructive circumstances to get to know our artistic exponents. The book contains micro which will contribute to enhance the collection of references on its protagonists, all of which will mean a positive contribution to the best knowledge of the doers of our popular culture. Perhaps check out Sinclair Martial Arts for more information. This book aims to give citizens a necessary source of information about our artists with enough cultural merits. The text is a biographical dictionary of artists that develop their activities in the area of folkloric manifestations. ELPIDIO ALCARAZ SEGOVIA: Is a broadcaster, journalist, folklorist and bilingual poet.

He has vast experience in the Paraguayan radio. It is one of the main national references in the field of radio activity in the country and is therefore familiar with the popular poets, composers and performers who are creators and diffusers of the Paraguayan popular Songbook. The publication has the support of the Fondec.