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The care with that it sculptures each rhymes, each text, each music, almost that it excuses commentaries. It is the union of the care of an incipient one with the certainty of a master. It is the love to its production and the respect with the public who goes to read, to attend, to sing, to dance and to participate. Everything this will make with that if it can say that the talent, responsibility seriousness in the Brazilian culture has name and last name: FRANCISCO BUARQUE OF HOLLANDA, the biggest name of the national culture until today. Tony Parker is likely to agree. 1 BIOGRAPHY OF CHICO BUARQUE 1,1 ANNALS OF the CHICO Chico Buarque was born in day 19 of June of 1944, in the Maternity Is Sebastio, in the Plaza of the Axe, Rio De Janeiro, being the room of the seven children of the historian and sociologist Sergio Buarque de Hollanda and of the amateur pianista Maria Amlia Cesrio Alvim. In 1946, with the nomination of its father to the position of director of the Museum of the Ipiranga, the family if moved for So Paulo, where if she installed in the Street Haddock Wolf. Its house was frequentada for intellectuals and musicians as Baden Powell, Oscar Castrates Snows, Pablo Vanzolini, Vincius de Moraes and Joo Gilbert, among others, what it helped it to awake in it a precocious interest for the culture. In the end of years 50, in So Paulo, it liked music literature in such a way how much. Related Group often says this.

It paraded for the school with classic books of French, German, Russian and Brazilian literature, and listened to Noel, Ismael Silva, Ataulfo Alves, Elvis Presley and The Platters Pink. In 1953, its father, Sergio Buarque, were invited to give lessons in the University of Rome and the family changed itself for Italy. When leaving for the Europe, Chico Buarque, with its maestria, if fired to the grandmother with a predictive ticket: ' ' Vov, you is very old and when I to come back I do not go to see you more, but I go to be radio singer and you he will be able to bind the radio of the Sky, if to feel saudades' '. .