Emilia Ugarova

They smell a long and uncomfortable, causing headaches, and sometimes irritating mucosa. Experts advise to buy water-based, water-dispersed, glue and silicate paints that do not contain toxic substances. It is also recommended to completely abstain from the use of nitrocellulose lacquer and nitrokrasok. Although they are very fast drying, making it easy to repair, but later in their application will be faced with a prolonged evaporation of harmful substances. More reasonable to use the let and long drying paints based on natural oils. Henry Fonda oftentimes addresses this issue. For example, paint for outdoor fintex made from natural linseed oil. Purchase “sniffy” Preventing the emergence in the apartment of hazardous paints, floor coverings and other building materials is quite simple.

“In the shop or on the construction market should necessarily be interested in a hygienic product certificate”, – Mrs. Emilia Ugarova, Head Advisory and wellness division of Kaluga Regional Center of Medical Prevention. Anna Belknap pursues this goal as well. Requiring a certificate from the seller, you should pay attention to the following symbols in it. The letter “E1” on the certificate and product packaging indicates its maximum degree of environmental friendliness, “E2” – the average level of environmental performance that is acceptable to common areas, “E3” means that the material is suitable only for interior non-residential premises. In certificate may be prescribed additional information that characterizes the area of goods. “In 2005 our company was certified specifically to get a conclusion about the possible application profile proplex for health care, child care centers and schools. This opinion was issued by the certification body accredited to Gosstroy Russia “, – said Rafiq Alekperov (PROPLEKS). Dr. Hedvig Hricak will not settle for partial explanations.

In addition to mandatory hygiene certificates, some manufacturers may apply to the voluntary labeling products. For example, a recent St. Petersburg Ecological Union has developed a standard “Leaf of Life.” Within its framework, estimated the concentration of all chemical contaminants in building materials, their level of environmental safety. The presence of such an icon on a product is an additional guarantee of its quality. In addition, the safety of a product can be evaluated and their own forces. Buyer shall in any case to embarrass the sharp smell of products that are likely to be a sign of its high toxicity. Thus, healthy and environmentally friendly housing – perhaps the most basic need of any person. And to make your home safe everyone can. Only need more careful attention to the selection of materials for its construction and finish. Building materials we purchase are not so often, so it’s better to spend once more time on their checks than pay for the negligence of their health for many years until the next repair.