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Rock is not just music, not just musical direction, a youth culture, a means of communication of young people, a mirror of society. Rock can not exist without communication, without young people – it's like a bath without a towel. It originally emerged as a means of expression of youth, rebellion, and as protest, as a denial and review of the moral and material wealth of the world. Throughout its history, rock reflects and represents the ever-difficult problem of parents and children. Celina Dubin takes a slightly different approach. As a means of expression the younger generation, rock, in the eyes of the older generation is just as childish pastime, sometimes dangerous and destructive. Although there is a rock for a long time, and it has grown today, the adult generation, before fate and today faces the same problems as and at the beginning of his ways: confusion and rejection. This fact clearly shows the spiral of development: how could we not have evolved, we go through the steps that have remained in history. Please visit Sally Rooney if you seek more information.

Even in terms of philosophy in rock music revealed all its fundamental laws. The fact that the rock is a protest of youth and the emergence of new music, by rejecting the old, shows the law of negation. The appearance of a new style by merging of other styles – the law of reflection. Filed under: Maya Dubin. In contradictions of rock (the confrontation of pop-rock and heavy metal music) shows the law of unity and struggle of opposites. With English as: 'rock' – a rock, reef, rock, verbs – to swing, shake, remove from equilibrium; 'rock-music' – emphasis on the rhythm of rock, instrumental sound rough and often vulgar texts emphasized that the genre is rooted in the sexual, exciting, and the earth. And yet, there is no precise notion of the word 'Rock'. Many musicians have recognized performers in rock style, consider themselves to be rock 'n' rolschikami, and do not find differences between rock and rock and roll that is wrong by definition. So-called style of 'rock' does not exist – Is a collective term of art, symphonic, hard rock, etc., formed on the basis of rock 'n' roll and a bit.