The small town of Cervinia has a winter resort in the east side of the Matterhorn, in the Italian Alps. This is one of the most important ski resorts in Italy, its facilities are among the best that can be found skiing in the Alps. Cervinia, is about 2600 meters high, is dominated by the Matterhorn, with more than 4400m high. The closest airports to a Cervinia are in Geneva and Milan, about an hour from the station. The town of Cervinia is located in the Italian Aosta Valley, an area full of resorts, to which we must add the small towns of incredible beauty.

It is home to ski competitions, because of this, the area has many apartments, hotels, houses, hostels where you can stay, without forgetting that we are in a town that shares with Zermatt station, among the most prominent of Swiss Alps, with only 7,000 residents, linked to Cervinia for its ski slopes, a locality to which is attached via cable car. In addition to its more than 350 miles find a snowpark ski as well as numerous restaurants and shops to rent equipment, guides for trekking, mountaineering schools, etc. Breuil Cervinia is famous for being one of the resorts in Europe where you can play golf in summer, particularly in the Plateau Rosa Glacier, on tracks shared with the neighboring town of Zermatt, Switzerland. These two locations separated by a border, but united by the ski slopes are virtually united cities, which together form a triangle Valtournenche ski over 300 miles of track between Italy and Switzerland. What do you like landscapes, nature, you like skiing … The ideal place is Cervinia, a destination on the Swiss border and near the French border where you will have plenty to do and see. You can visit the Grotta di Blu Ghiaccio or Lake, natural places to enjoy touring the area on board a helicopter and skiing in its most 300 km of tracks where the winter resort of Breuil Cervinia, visit places like Zermatt in the Swiss border.

Of interest in Cervinia speaks Italian, French and German using the euro, but the other side of the mountain in Zermatt, the legal tender is the Swiss franc can be visited all year round. In Cervinia alpine climate is quite cold in winter, with permanent snow on the 2300 meters, temperatures in the valleys is softer, and at the top, more extreme. Getting Cervinia can be reached via France, or through Switzerland. The best option is through Italy Aosta Valley, but the other two options are not bad. Another interesting option of crossing the French Alps, is the landing at Lyon airport and catch the Spanish equivalent of the AVE to Turin and from there continue the train journey to the Valley of Aosta. To get there, take the motorway Milan – Turin and deviate in the Aosta Valley, which will take you to the station of Cervinia.