Escort Service Vienna – Tonsings Coal Jug

The lady from escort service Vienna and Vienna escort accompanied a gourmet s to Tonsings coal jug in Herford. This time, the lady from escort Vienna coal Krug has organized a culinary tour to Herford to Tonsings. The name of the restaurant remains a mystery, far and wide there is no Hill near where the black gold slumbers. The answer, the ancestors patron Bernd Tonsings traded with the black gold and gave opportunity swallowed coal dust from unterzuspuelen the buyers of the combustible rock in the pub. The Wencenslas has developed back and the gastronomy but purposefully developed forward. And that all people far outside the city, where literally the Fox and the Hare Goodnight say.

And when this happens, it is only once really awake Tonsing’s restaurant. There are in addition to the normal guests, also the recurrent gourmet Director of escort service Vienna with her companion on the pretty table covering to the rustic furniture with its great oak usage on the reproductions of famous paintings and on the culinary creations that come out of the kitchen by Bernd Tonsings. So that everything happens smoothly at the restaurant, makes his wife Regine with charming kindness. The good spirit of the House know always the right wine recommendations from the range to give 170 plants. Without pointing to the gourmet guide of escort service Vienna, that the Lady and her companion but also get other wines can not. The gentleman and the Lady escort put together a menu is, at the kitchen by Chanterelles greet made with diced flesh of tomatoes.

The Rapunzel lettuce with Bacon and Krusty mushrooms, as kick-off was well received. Original also the fried pork knuckle slices of rosemary jus and Salsify, which rise to the level of expectation in the immense. The hope of the Lady of escort Vienna with her shadow filled with red mullet in a delicious saffron mousse. The skill of the master with his catfish on turnip vegetable was fully confirmed. Off Point of view of many gourmets is in the seclusion of a place in the sky cooked his way to cooks are always amazing. The patron of Bernd Tonsing one of the forwards of the sky, is it by his talent and his creativity did.