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Established Irkutsk

Written By: - Mar• 12•16

Today, environmental Irkutsk is confident the organization operate in the political arena. At the same time virginity of nature, the purity of the depths of Lake Baikal were the eternal values in the shadow of the powerful who humble themselves ambitious impulses, consciousness regained stability, the soul – peace and quiet. This motif is often served as a resonator of artistic creativity of local writers, artists, and musicians. In the art gallery appears Listvyanka B. Plamenevskii and his theater songs. St.

Nicholas Church in Listvyanka enjoys a special love for Irkutsk. This brought the city to baptize children, here are the wedding of the young. Established reputation as "pure church", the mark of special grace, the inflow to the temple not only devout parishioners, but also tourists. Only here you can see the warning labels in English. An experienced guide will always mention that the temple was built in the XIX century.

merchant in Sibiriakov after his miraculous rescue in rough waters of Lake Baikal. It starred the famous scene of Ivan Annenkov Decembrist wedding with a French Gebl Pauline in the movie "Star of Captivating Happiness." Listvyanka undergoing invasion "Our." In the last two or three years there was a tradition to come here on weekends and public holidays from Irkutsk and neighboring cities. Our people are very unpretentious. They are not embarrassed or rocky shore, nor the frequent winds. In winter, ice around the village is full of companies, "splashing" the spirits of Lake Baikal. Their victims, they have a snack smoked omul, a newspaper spread out on the hood of their cars.

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