A poem on the occasion of Darvin anniversary year 2009 about the big bang and the origin of the Earth. After the cooling of the Earth’s surface, the evolution on Earth took their free rein. The big bang occurred 13.7 billion years ago. With a gigantic force, matter from the Center moved away and formed the Sun, planets and all galaxies. Our Earth got the best orbit the Sun. As the surface of the Earth had cooled to below 100 degrees, the single-celled organisms emerged and started the evolution.

The impact of a giant meteorite triggered the mass extinction of the dinosaurs, and this was the starting point for the rodents. Small, rat-like mammals survived and continued the evolution of the mammals. Today, the man could cause the “big bang” on the Earth. Again, the rats would continue the evolution of the new. Gigantic mass flew far apart, as powerful and powerful of the big bang happened.

Billions of years have passed since. The big bang created Sun, planet, space. The gravity of the Sun keeps Body on a trot, the Earth was the classiest place here. The glowing surface of the Earth cooled. Hard crust was formed and also water with salt. Columns of steam shot still high in the sky, volcanoes basaltic flew high in the air. And still life with silent throng, seas, continents, and the air was. Atoms grouped to amino acids, they created the single-celled organisms, a true revolution. Reproduction of the input and the Menrzeller-being was the start of Darwinian evolution. It then emerged plants, animals and fish, dinosaurs ruled quite happily on the country. The air full of birds, sea of full of fish, a cruel misfortune happened to suddenly. A cosmic giant flew bright to Earth, and then struck with fire and fire on them. Gluthollen and flooding moved the Earth, it was only dust, no light broke more. All dinosaurs died. No food, no light. Her death was the starting point for rodents. The small mammals needed hardly any food, hardly any light. Deep holes and caves offered protection and food. Rodents were themselves created chains of mammals, and at the end of a chain was the person finally. This is building the tool, many weapons and houses, goes on in Group hunts, used fire, eats meat. He now dominates the globe, like no one before. Created bombs, missiles. Does the nuclear reaction. Watch out! It can rip. Will as before again rats then start the new evolution. Cologne, February 2009 Henry Neufeld