Fashion Jacques Doucet

Doucet seemed predestined to become a Couturier, was born in the Parisian Rue de la Paix, where all the great houses of the century fashion had its headquarters and also in childhood friend of Gaston and Jean-Philippe Worth. The young Couturier took over the store’s clothing founded by his grandfather. Soon he enjoyed great recognition, so much that even today he is considered the creator of the most expensive and refined of the time evening gowns. Doucet created costumes designed especially for social events of posh, and their designs found great acceptance among the ladies who wanted to draw the attention of wealthy Knights. But in reality wasn’t fashion what interested Jacques Doucet, but luxury. It covered their dresses of pastels with lace, embroidery and other adornments, making them pieces exquisite and refined. Jacques Doucet also emphasized per permit to the couturiers who were going to revolutionize fashion take their first steps into the scene, giving with his infallible nose for discovering new talent, an opportunity for Paul Poiret and Madeleine Vionnet. Information extracted from the book by Charlotte Seeiling MODA. The century of Editorial Konemann designers.