Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso, Spanish pilot of escudera Ferrari, is closely together to manage his objective EC to become the owner of the World-wide Championship of Formulates One. With the triumph in the Great Prize of Korea, antepenultimate date of the season, Alonso was placed at the top of the general classification of pilots with 231 points. Fernando Alonso initiated his race like professional pilot of formula one in the 2001, when he was contracted by Renault, equipment that after an agreement yields the Spanish to Minardi F1 Team. In its first year, Alonso does not manage to excel when finalizing in the position #23, after not completing the season. During the 2002, Alonso returns to Renault but like pilot of tests, a experience not very pleasant for the Spanish, since during that year it could not compete. After its return to Renault, Alonso undergoes bumps forced that it to retire to three dates of the end of season 2003.

After this one recovers and the following year it begins to stand out like a figure of world-wide motoring. Next the two seasons were the confirmation of Alonso like a discharge pilot quality, between both years extreme 14 first positions and adjudged the world-wide Championship (2005 and 2006). The 2007 were an controversial year for Alonso, since after changing to escudera McLarens-Mercedes, it obtained three first positions and only it finalized of third party. Alonso decides to return to Renault for the 2008, where it had one season irregular and it only raised at the most high of podio on two ocassions. Alonso has considered the 2009 like the worse year of its race. If you would like to know more about Tony Parker, then click here. Its automobile was not most competitive, something it harmed than it greatly. During the season it had to retire in three opportunities and a third place in Singapore was its better mark. Escudera Ferrari recognizes the talent and the capacity of Fernando Alonso and acquires its services as of the 2010.