First Medical Institute

After graduating in 1974, First Medical Institute, Alexander Rosenbaum, during the year, he served in the military ships of the Baltic Fleet, and then worked as anesthesiology and intensive care at a specialized emergency room. Since all and went on: the main work – the pauses in the song. By that time, became interested in pop stars, rock music. In the early 70's musical talent is increasingly demanded a professional attitude toward it. It was necessary to make a choice. Favorite activity should given entirely, without remainder. I did not want to be the best singer among the doctors or the best doctor of the singers. In 30 years, A.

Rosenbaum, rushed into the pool with his head – went on stage. Then it was almost unconscious, but later Alexander Ya understand that internally wanted and knew in advance what to say to people. The path to official recognition was not easy. Seven years without a poster. Simply: 'The author-performer on the stage'. Rosenbaum – a poet and performer Copyright songs. Rosenbaum – a composer. Powerful psychological impact of songs by Alexander Rozenbaum is achieved not only the meaning of words, but her music.

Rosenbaum – a professional entertainer and this says it all. A special place in his oeuvre is a military theme. This recollection of the past, the percentage of people about his feat – and the denial of a future war. Not by chance his first album 'Epitaph' is dedicated to the military theme, according to polls won first place in the work of A.