Flamenco Dance

Guitar sounds, shatters fraction heels, knocking But flamenco castanets can be both male and children. Flamenco – one of the three major dance styles in the world (the other two pillars – the tango and classical (ballet)). Define it as a “trinity of guitar, singing and dancing.” Flamenco styles are diverse and allow us to express many shades of emotions and feelings. Children – both boys and girls may engage in flamenco with 5 years. For them, this bright colorful dance – a holiday and an opportunity to express themselves, their emotions and mood, the ability to enjoy yourself and please close. Why are useful lessons for the children? In our time among school children distributed diseases of the spine. Flamenco – their excellent prophylaxis: strengthens your back and improves posture, and correct posture prevents many diseases and evenly distribute the load on the muscles and body organs.

Proper posture is not only useful but also very beautiful. By the way, the mood is directly dependent on the voltage or relaxation of certain muscles, and the royal posture gives tremendous confidence. In the process of learning flamenco strengthen muscles of shoulder girdle. Hands are plastic, air-musical. Dancing baby loading the muscles of the legs from hip to foot, providing a beautiful shape legs and tripping.

Produced motor coordination, agility, speed and confidence. The body becomes docile, ductile, strong. Develop sense of rhythm and musicality. Flamenco improves circulation, normalizes blood pressure. Dancing, a child learns to interact with other children. In our studio classes are held in the children’s flamenco form of a game. We tried make it entertaining and interesting. Rehearsing motion asking the children “paint the wall, making sure that the movements have been refined and smooth. And now, “Beat the batter for pancakes.” Challenge your elbows to the side, showing “Cow horns”. What kept the princes and princesses? Where we can show the result of lessons flamenco? – In any event, whether it’s matinee at the kindergarten concert at the House of Culture or evening in a small circle on the occasion of the birth mother. Flamenco can be an unforgettable experience of childhood for your child.