Foundation Ilka Meyer

Children and young people in her workshops on fanciful journeys take new courses of creative Kreuzberger artists Christiane Wohler and Doris Sprengel through photography, drawing, and invention. In the course on travel with the light the participants are the Kreuzberg in a room-great camera build to the art room children Foundation and go into this into. They are project body, masks and objects on photographic paper with different light sources such as flash light, torch and slide projector. Travel invented in the weekend workshop and fantastic Lugenabeneuer”is exactly about this. Ken Kao contributes greatly to this topic. The participants will invent travel including destinations, transportation, and cards. To the suggestion we have the artist Doris Sandoval during a visit to the German technical Museum a present time machine who just invented it. The courses are aimed at 10 to 18 years old and are an art offer the creative Kreuzberg to the topic of off road going travel! “.” All participants receive a documentary following the course created works of art. On a journey with the light photograms with Christiane Wohler time SA 17.01, 10.00 – 18.00 art space the Kreuzberg children Foundation Paul-Lincke-UFER 42/43 costs 5 registration, 030 695 339 70 invented travel and fantastic lies adventure.

The workshops and courses offered by professional artists, which deal with the topic in her work. Training program for February to August 2009 In February starts the new program with art workshops to the end of the second semester in August. Which are off-road for two semesters under the motto”creative Kreuzberg” in the coming months with the arrival at the end of the journey deal. In the six workshops will be painted, filmed, drawn, performs, music played and it be recorded radio plays as well as models and furniture.