We will show facts and geographic phenomena so that you if intere of the subject and also participate giving its opinion, fezendo suggestions, critical or questions in order to understand the science of geography through and come participate are waiting for you. What it is geography? Geography is the science that studies the relation of the man with the nature and the man with the society in all planet. This science has a vast field of performance, and therefore if together to other sciences to formulate explanations and to better understand the nature and the society, so that let us can consider solutions to the social and natural problems that we face in the day the day. In this edition we go to deal with a natural phenomenon that reading you already have perhaps witnessed, but account was not given of that it was ahead of a phenomenon of the nature. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. ARC CIRCUNZENITAL Is of the same family of the manifest rainbow but if of different form. The rainbow has defined form, already ARC CIRCUNZENITAL not, it appears in the sky without definite format is beams of colors, same of the rainbow, providing a beautiful experience confers this in the photo witnessed for me in a work of field in the state of Gois. This phenomenon occurs when the rays of solar light pass for an ice layer in the atmosphere and is decomposed thus generating the circunzenital arc, also known as CZT or rainbow of fire.

If you already witnessed one and obtained to make an image, you send in them through the contact email that in the next edition we will share with all the readers, if you not yet witnessed you are intent to the sky therefore you are a grateful gift of the mother nature. In the next edition we will bring a social phenomenon. You know the difference between fact and natural phenomenon? He confers in the next edition. For Loureno Peluso student of geography of the UNICEUB/Brasilia DF.