Goodwill Ambassadors

Nansen was able to take risks and overcome difficult circumstances, like a scorpion, because I have Mercury and Venus in this sign, symbolizing courage in difficult circumstances. He was the creator of a new science – physical oceanography, which is consistent with the function of Mercury in Scorpio, which is not by chance ended up in his horoscope in opposition to Pluto. It can be called a theorist and practitioner of irresistible deal. No one task was not for him too heavy and impossible, that is so close characterization of the White Moon in Aquarius and the Dragon's Head in Capricorn. He was a man of a new era, for which there are no barriers and conventions. Even his amazing love for Russia finds an explanation in his horoscope.

In 1922, the League of Nations, he was appointed the first in the history of the High Commissioner for Refugees and founded the Nansen pasrportnoe Bureau, which issued thousands passports to refugees from Russia. In the same year he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for long-term efforts to assist vulnerable and disadvantaged. Larger share of the amount of 122 000 kroons, Fridtjof spent on device in the Soviet Union two agricultural stations. His book about Russia, he called the "Country of the Future". Obviously, the White Moon in Aquarius – the sign of Russia – played a crucial role in his horoscope. Nansen was not only expressed all of their planet, but the whole range of values of his horoscope.