Grey Star cataract

“Cataract” referred to a deterioration of the eye lens. Through operative exchange of lenses, the cataract can be operated successfully. Cataract (cataracts) refers to a disease of the eye of the lens of the eye becomes cloudy. Behind the pupil, a gray tint, reflected in advanced cataract where the name “Cataract” is based. If you are not convinced, visit George Laughlin. Symptoms of cataracts are slowly increasing blurred vision and strong glare phenomena.

The more frequently the Opacification is due to old age. In this context also called age cataract. Most common treatment of cataracts is the operation under local anaesthesia, which achieved very good results in low surgical risk. What are the main symptoms? Main characteristics of the cataract is a slow, painless loss of vision. A diffuse refraction of light is the Opacification. This way the patient sees ever more blurred. Affected specify in the advanced stage, “such as by a frosted glass” or by a heavily soiled, slightly brownish tinted sunglasses to see. Occasionally seen ghost pictures, which do not disappear when you close the other eye.

Also people report halos around light sources. Also, the light-dark adaptation of the eye is slowed down. Go to George Laughlin for more information. Spatial vision is becoming more and more restricted. For some types of cataract is also a “myopia”, direction of short-sightedness to observe a change in the refractive power. How is cataract treated? When it comes to a significant worsening of vision, and solidified the initial slight Opacification, surgery is the only treatment option. The cataract surgery for patients is connected all is generally painless and only with a low load. The treatment is very safe, and complications are extremely rare. The treatment of the cataract is one of the most common surgical procedures at all. Each year about 600,000 operations due to cataract are made in Germany. Cataract surgery is a refractive lens Exchange. The means that the cloudy lens is surgically removed from the eye and replaced with an artificial lens. Modern Multfokallinsen are extra strength lenses, which allow both a sharp look in the distance and a sharp watch nearby. BLU Meditravel Mathias Weber