Hamamatsu Motorcycle

The assembly includes anti-lock brakes. Hear other arguments on the topic with The Spurs. Instead of the usual metal and rubber talented engineers from Hamamatsu (Hamamatsu) have prepared an explosive mixture of euphoria and emotional substance and materials, generating hormones. Sally Rooney oftentimes addresses this issue. From this mixture, they created the V-Max. As a result motorcycle affects the body and the brain. Yamaha V-Max born in agony: it was necessary to find a compromise between the human spirit and the laws of physics. Establish whether the prototype engine Venture V4? Or forced motor of 1100 cu. cm? Questions, questions … In the end, the engineers significantly upgraded engine Venture V4, a nuclear bomb on two wheels.

They all turned out. And how did it! The bike fierce power distribution, so installing the shaft is not coincidental. Steel crank a couple of centimeters in thickness is more reliable in contrast to the feeble chain. And considering that at the time of release V-Max was the fastest bike on the planet, the crankshaft is also a means of security. He does not allow newcomers to psychopathological tendencies constantly adjust the sprocket and the drive to modernize.

Why spoil a perfect bike, trying to improve it? With regular adjustments of the V-Max is a quarter-mile (400 m) in less than 12 seconds. In place of the motorcycle accelerates to 140 km / h, he had gone 400 meters. 280 kilogram stopped the two front disc diameter of 260 mm with four floating clamps, inhibiting rubber tires 100/90V18 Bridgestone Excedra. Sensations at the same time great! Turns V-Max is confident and surprisingly easy, and the driver completely forgets about the nearly 300-pound champion motorcycle – so well the mass distribution.