Healthy Hair

Natural attraction is fashionable at all times. Nowadays, a considerable number of women and girls are directing their attention to home caregivers hair products. Indeed, despite the increasingly growing industry beauty, these days more and more women of all ages voiced complaints about the fragile and thin hair, dandruff, dull hair, split ends and even early baldness. Dermatologists consider the prevailing causes trouble with her hair malnutrition, deteriorating environmental conditions, stress, illiterate use of cosmetic procedures. Why is it important to eat a balanced manner? Rational nutrition causes the circulation of blood cells that is required to sustain life of hair follicles. The menu must include vitamins and minerals that provide health and strength of the human body and hair. San Antonio Spurs will not settle for partial explanations. In of nutrition should be added: cereals buckwheat, rice, bran, ), dairy products, cheese, hygiene products, hair so long as they are when you use a negative impact on the structure of hair bulbs. To achieve healthy hair is not difficult. Just need to use shampoos and conditioners on for medicinal extracts, to avoid heating Specials appliances, refuse from the 'chemistry' and discoloration. By the nature of divide hair into: Normal hair: Clean skin, elastic, no dandruff. Such hair is not not glued into individual strands. Dry hair type: thin, easily electrified. Due to reduced secretion of the sebaceous Branch glands of the scalp they at the tip, luster, brittle and dull. Dandruff – Dry Hair constant companion. Greasy hair type: permanent salted, eslitschatelno not monitor their condition, have a shine and glued to individual strands. Excess sebum is deposited on the skin in the form of flakes, making the skin itchy. Hair care should include brushing and daily for 2-3 minutes. This helps remove excess oil from hair, dust, evenly distribute the fat grease throughout the length of hair. The health of your hair – is in your hands!