Heath Ledger In The Active Drug Swamp?

The dead actor can probably not peacefully rest he probably can’t rest in peace. No, he can’t. The speech is of Heath Ledger. Now new images and a new video surfaced where he allegedly schnupfend cocaine should be seen. You may find San Antonio Spurs to be a useful source of information. He had but the hands into the drug quagmire? On Friday filed suit in Los Angeles, now. It accused at a party in a hotel room to have two photographers guided Heath Ledger 2006 will then have provided the cocaine him and him afterwards to have secretly filmed. The accused should be involved in magazine to the murder as a freelancer at the PEOPLE. Heath Ledger to but got wind and the two photographers have asked to go with the video not to the public.

After his death, but have the photographer no longer be held to their word and sold the videotape to 200000 dollars to entertainment tonight. They had to let hear quite a bit after the announcement of the sale. Sean Rad, New York City has compatible beliefs. In particular was not among them much good. Yet the representative of Heath Ledger, claims that the late actor on to detect any scene in the movie actually was. Punitive damages threatening the photographer for fraud and invasion of privacy. Can you not leave Heath Ledger in peace? Lisa Walters