Herbal Oils For A Varied Summer

The characteristic aroma of fresh herbs enjoying you the characteristic aroma of fresh herbs. A gentle cold pressing process in which only the physical pressure drives the sunflower oil from sunflower seeds by the herbs, is the secret of this distinctive characteristic aroma of fresh herbs. The oils will no longer heat treated, thus the original, fresh, characteristic aroma is retained. These are the natural ingredients: sunflower seeds, herbs or spices. The selection of different flavours ensures variety and enjoyment. For a versatile summer season the classic CHILI salad Mediterranean salad oil Rosemary salad oil, Basil Salad oil, recommended garlic salad try it out: they conjure up in the blink of an eye a dressing for your salad recipe Tip: 100ml water 50ml balsamic vinegar 2 TBSP oil of herbs (E.g. Basil), 1 tsp sugar, a pinch of salt.

Garnish the finished salad with herbs of Provence. or delicious Baked potatoes recipe Tip: cut the potatoes in columns, spread out on a baking sheet and thin with herbal oil (E.g., Rosemary), sprinkle with coarse salt and pepper. Bake in preheated oven at 200 C crispy. You have in a very short time delicious antipasti prepared recipe Tip: cut the zucchini with the vegetable slicer in thin strips. Place the strips on a baking sheet and dry about 25-30 minutes in the preheated oven (220 C).

The cooled Zucchini strips in a bowl give and a marinade of herbal oil (E.g. Mediterranean), season to taste with white wine vinegar, salt and pepper. Do the zucchini on a plate and sprinkle with herbs. What should not be missing tomato and mozzarella recipe Tip: tomato and mozzarella with sliced. Arrange on a plate with a marinade of herbal oil (such as Basil or Mediterranean), balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper pour over. The all spice spices team the goal set for the future, you constantly with products has inspire, characterized by quality, high-quality raw materials and of course great taste. Do not hesitate to contact us. we wish you a good appetite.