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High Guide Directories

Written By: - Oct• 07•16

Normally when we proceed to register a website in a directory it is to position ourselves better on search engines or increase the number of visits. Why it is extremely important to know the rules for inclusion and tricks so that their work is not wasted and rejected website. The majority of users don’t look at the section on the rules for inclusion and therefore do not obtain the maximum performance of your links. If it is true that in the free directories, with or without reciprocal, the rules for inclusion are usually the same, you have to know them. First should you go to the category where you want to add your website and look at the existing links, especially in the titles. Most of the directories do not support duplicate titles so that you can anticipate for an editor to change the title. The most common mistake when it comes to register a website, is to fill the description and the title with keywords. Think about the following before doing so: quality directories directly deleted its website and those who accepted it surely not they have a great reputation.

Best thing that could happen is that some quality directories have more time and proceed to edit the description and adapt it to their criteria. With which you will also lose your keywords. A description of quality must be correctly written and make sense. Type its description in lower case and avoid using the words best, competitive prices or any other subjectivity. Nor should put your phone or any other contact information. It’s describing the web and the services that will be in the same. Finally, be brief and do not put the same description in all directories, prepare a few.

If your page is relatively new and does not have much traffic or pagerank, you may want to put reciprocal link requesting directories, although it is not mandatory. In this way you will benefit more than the directory but remember that if you then delete said link, the directories they will detect it automatically and removed privileges. Respecting These simple tips you can better leverage the task of registration in directories and your website will have a better chance of inclusion. Internet resources is a free Web directory in Spanish where you can register your site for free. If you meet the requirements and tips in this article his page will be indexed in 48 h.

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