Hotels Tips

At the end of your vacation in the foreign hotel You will be waiting 'check out "- payback for all the fun that you could not deny yourself during your stay. And what is most insulting, the higher category hotel in which you resting, the greater the need to pay for pleasure. Could it be that the amount invoiced will surprise you, and not even because of bugs away and, for example, because of your neighbor's phone number. Reckoning can not be avoided, but to at least do not overpay a great position to observe a few rules. If you live in a double room with a hitherto unknown member of your group, by donating clothes to the laundry, be sure to write your name on a sheet attached to linen trade-in cycle (that is asking a neighbor).

Otherwise, will be issued on a joint account number – and you have to sort out who frequently washed pants. Second moment. Staying at the hotel have the right not to pay each time for the food steak or whiskey drunk, but just bear in the long run your room number and sign. Then the final payment is made during check out. This, in general, more economical: when you pay the bartender and waiter cash put to tip, and Writing, you should not be anything to anyone. But be careful when paying bills and requires that you have provided not just a computer printout, and the receipts themselves, which necessary should be your signature. Because you may find that your total score have brought something that you never thought to drink or eat. Not out of malice – just all happen lining. As for the mini-bar and cable tv, then there is hope for decency neighbor and hope that he emptied the mini bar and otsmotrev all the movies that are broadcast on pay tv, declares that it is just you – a notorious erotomaniac and alcoholic.