How to Work

If you learn to think and to work according to this one principle, in a moment she will determine as they are the valuable activities of his life and as they are those that do not contribute to him mainly. It could undo than he is superfluous and to become in one more a more productive person. The goal is not necessarily to render to maximum and to continue debilitating, but rather to undo of the unnecessary thing and to live one more a life calmer and, at the same time, more productive and efficient. According to Margaret Loesser Robinson, who has experience with these questions. The importance of the principle of Pareto the reason by which is so important to include/understand the principle is because it demonstrates a reality of which often we are not conscientious. We assume that all our efforts have more or less the same relevance: All the clients are equal of valuable All product and all entrance by sales our daily activities are equal of good All the employees of a same category contribute to the same value All the students of a course are guilty by the generalized disorder All are necessary and they contribute the same to us We have the tendency to think that 50% of our contribution generate 50% of the results. We think that there is a logical balance between cause and effect. Nevertheless, these presumptions are erroneous and can cause much damage in our lives, especially because they are so strongly ingrained in our mind.

Principle 80/20 demonstrates that normally there is a imbalance marked to study the quantitative data of cause and effect. How to implement the principle of Pareto in our lives? The secret of the success is in determining what is 20% of our activities that generates 80% to us of the benefits. But, how it is managed to differentiate as they are the activities that contribute to the majors benefits to us and as they are those that oppress to us, they estresan and they tire without leaving fruit some? Not always it is easy to explain the things that really increase our efficiency and to differentiate them from those activities that only clear time to us without making a significant contribution to our lives.