How, Where And What To Buy And Sell Ready-made Business ?

Why do so many entrepreneurs want to buy a ready-made business and not open his from scratch? This is understandable, because there is no need to invent something new, no need to waste their strength, time and nerves, there is no need create a business and its initial development, equipment purchases, negotiations with suppliers. Much easier to buy already a going concern (even with the debt), than to create a new one. Running the company continues provide cash flow, we can only optimize or increase them. Ready-made company already has an inventory and customer base. Finally, this company has more opportunities to attract additional funding than the new company. The seller of business has its own motives – as a result of the deal, he gets a certain amount you can invest in a new project, it seems more promising. Development and sale of businesses have become a separate area of entrepreneurship. Just as people buy old houses, cars refurbish them and sell then, many today are developing a business solely for the purpose of its further sale. But the idea that you can sell or buy the business itself, raises many disconcerting. Seems too complicated procedure, unclear evaluation criteria. Selling a business is difficult to be compared with the sale of any goods and services, and therefore how this sale is quite different from traditional ones. The cost of buying businesses, not so much the cost of inventory and equipment. Buying a ready-made business, the buyer always pays extra for the experience, knowledge and skills of the previous owner, for the reputation of the business, which he was able to achieve, for the position of the enterprise market.