Immune System

Nevertheless, the man only can obtain this essential nutrient through the diet. If this is not obtained by means of rich the vitamin food ingestion C like the oranges, the kiwi, the fruits of the forest, the peppers, the broccoli or potatoes, the organism, and especially its immune system, it can undergo a deficiency of this substance. The vitamin deficiency C reduces the activity of the macrophages, immune cells that literally eat to the invading bacteria and the virus. A smaller amount of macrophages increases our propensity to contract resfriados and influenza, which, as well, contributes to exhaust our vitamin reserves C. When we expose ourselves to long periods of stress is advisable to reinforce the immune system taking great amounts from rich beta-carotene foods like carrots, vegetables of dark green color and fruits of yellow color and orange.

The regular consumption of vitamins C and To, next to the one of folic acid and zinc, is vital for the suitable operation of the immune system. The folic acid is in the beans, the spinach and other vegetables of green leaf, whereas the rich zinc foods are the red meat, meat of crab, oysters, the germ of wheat, the liver and the seeds of pumpkin. dea. The power of proteins the protein necessity also can increase in situations of permanent stress. In such circumstances, it is especially important to include in our fished diet, chicken, turkey, thin red meat, eggs, milk or beans. A poor protein diet can reduce of considerable form the immune defenses and the capacity to fight the infections. The blue fish, like the salmon, the trout, the tuna and the sardines, is especially appropriate, since also it provides essential fats able to fluidizise the blood.

In this way, the espesantes properties of the adrenalin are resisted. An feeding that helps to fight stress consists, simply, in a diet it heals and balanced in which the suitable foods are selected. The exercise is also important since production stimulates of endorfinas (substances natural that causes that we are of the good humor) and improves the physical form. If you are a person who is under constant stress you would have plantearte to modify your style of life or to look for support of a professional.