Indian Restaurant

Chilled wine and cold beer will make your meal truly completed, bringing a feeling of utter satisfaction. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Tony Parker has to say. There is a special children's menu. Large parking lot next to the restaurant and across from the pier. Bombay-Flowers Restaurant Address: Hadaba Road Tel.: (002) 065 3449334; (002) 012 1706337 Welcome to the Indian restaurant number 1 in Hurghada. Abdel Mansour, owner of the restaurant, again took control of the restaurant into their own hands. With extensive experience in the restaurant business (25 years in Switzerland) and returned to Egypt, he invested his own money in the apartment house (European level) and a cozy restaurant with pleasant decor. Good snacks can be acceptable yen (beer – 8 pounds).

Apart from Indian cuisine, there is a large selection of versatile dishes such as steak, pasta, pizza, salads. The presence of terrace allows you to just sit with friends over coffee, smoking a hookah, or treating a dessert. Restaurant Pita Sphinx. Address: Beside McDonalds, Sakala, Hurghada. Red Sea Tel.: 065 3449 105 Mobile: 0127749496 This restaurant is a well-known network of European restaurants. Over the last 8 years have passed since the opening of a restaurant in Sakalov, he gained a lot of popularity among local, foreign as well as tourists.

Many tourists who come to the first year of Hurghada, are necessarily familiar "path" by McDonald's right to hospitable hosts the restaurant. The restaurant very comfortable and suitable for any occasion, from the big celebration to a romantic dinner for two. Mina, one of the restaurant owners are always welcome and "hospitable" welcomes its guests with the same friendly smile. Comfort, warmth, Varied menu, quality of cooking – everything contributes to the fact that visitors are not limited to a one-time visit, but tend to become regulars. Menu in 4-languages allows you to easily deal with the abundance of delicacies and make the right choice.