They are wrong who believe that labour was a punishment imposed by God because of the disobedience of man. Until the first couple Dios made the mistake that earned them their expulsion from paradise had given the order to Adam’s rule over the work newly created, which meant a job that was not as simple. Tasks that we perform daily allow us to obtain sustenance for our families, but also are a good way of putting into practice the talent, ingenuity and the multiple capabilities with which we have been gifted. Work is to serve others in something for which we are prepared through lessons learned with time and knowledge gained at school, books or teachers. If it weren’t for the work we would spend for life without feeling useful and without being able to prove what we are capable. That phrase that says one is loaded with wisdom works is because it needs.

Those who say it can be that they only refer to one of the needs priority: making money and this money to pay respondent for other basic needs. But we also work because our training allows us to be a service providers or suppliers of a product and need to do what we want and we like to feel good about ourselves and society. In this order of ideas, labour is a means to achieve skills, skills and development of skills which, put at the service of others, allows us to find the path that will lead us to self realization. When we work we test our abilities: we are able to demonstrate what we are worth and we are creating a high opinion of ourselves and this leads us to have a high self-esteem and this will drive us to do better what we do and we will improve our self-esteem and so on in an ascending career to our graduation as people deserving of success and owners of the scrolls that characterize the winners.