It knew very well on the subject; it considered a beautiful work. There present auditorium would be displayed for todaa, therefore, it loses some nights of sleep thinking as it would have to pass its message, wanted to make an impression to all. It also longed for to be acclaimed, to be applauded, be recognized perhaps This age its great chance of its life, wise person who had talent that could leave itself well, although its nervousness and its anxiety could confuse its performance. To its side he very appears one confident gentleman and likeable who also brought a text in the hands and, it delivers for a blond beautiful that waits impatient the arrival of that one Sir. It looked at curious for another couple that if agitates. A black, pretty young woman and a Japanese; it revealed to more fash and a certain fidget. She said herself in a strange dialect, was the sultry voice with verbal alteration, a thing half afro-nipon-Brazilian, strange, but very curious! She also had an entire family that used gibo and had mustaches, also the women. She has yes, not leaving to cite another couple descontraidssimo; a half age and the other new.

In that height of the anxiety, unnecessary beat-mouth. they had initiated a nesnecessrio beat-mouth. In this exactly instant, had announced the start of the event, all inflaming in the auditorium, assovios and applauses took that place, a true festival, thing thus never seen culturally speaking. Selso that was not fit of sinewy it waited its hour, it read and it reread you enumerate times, more to the measure that if approached the call of its name, its heart sped up still more, the anxiety was so great that almost entered in the missed hour, when and presenter called for one such Cesar. It left pressas to enter when it ran over in the foot of a franzino youngster, ugly smooth hair of eyeglasses that gave d, that it cried out of pain and anger.