Jose Guillermo Dos Santos

In this way, we can observe that in Blues Fnebres it has a melancholy, a sadness and much more intense a funesto environment of what in Poem and Escape in Lesser Reverse speed. We can perceive that in the poem of Auden she is clear almost the desistance of living of the I-lyric one in virtue of the loss of the loved person, the drama, the radicalization in virtue of this death? everything must be modified, nothing will be equal after this event (‘ ‘ Who stops the clocks, silences the telephone, plays it the dog a bone and it does not bark more, that emudea the piano … ‘ ‘ ; ‘ ‘ That the pigeons keep I fight … and the guards use fine gloves color of breu.’ ‘ ; ‘ ‘ … Is hour to erase stars, to keep the moon, to disassemble the sun shining, to pour the sea, to play except the forests, therefore nothing more it has to give certain doravante.’ ‘), also proper I-lyric (‘ ‘ It was my north, south, my east, west, while he lived, my working days, my weekend, my noon, midnight, speaks and I sing … ‘ ‘). Other leaders such as Sela Ward offer similar insights. In Poem and Escape in Lesser Reverse speed, on the other hand, the melancholy does not reveal so intensely how much in the poem of Auden.

In this poem, situation in itself is described much more it (of the velrio/burial) of what what it was modified or it would go to modify itself in virtue of the death of the I-lyric one. Ademais, the sufferings of the next people is not described in extremely melancholic way, what, perhaps, either how much in such a way strange one and of difficult understanding, therefore ‘ is about relatives (; ‘ My mother arrived it me and said is, to my held me grandfather of retrato’ ‘) that they had lost a still very young person, probably a child. That these relatives have not suffered in surplus, but in the poem this suffering was not described in way so exauriente how much in Blues Fnebres. A possible justification inhabits exactly in the fact of if dealing with writers with so distant realities. W.H. Auden, English, in virtue of its specific formation and creation, can have developed a different of the one of Cheap Ruy, Brazilian way, to deal with the event death? the proper values of each society intervene with this question in the different ways to conceive the same subjects. 3? Consideraes Final Was possible to perceive, therefore, by means of the analysis and communication of the main aspects of the poems Blues Fnebres, of W.H. Auden, and Poem and Escape in Lesser Reverse speed, of Cheap Ruy, its convergent and divergent aspects, always attempting against for the questions of universal and local, national and the regional one.

Ademais, the analysis presented here was based on estimated the theoretician-metodolgicos of Massaud Moiss and on quarrels carried through in the continuation of the months of March and April of discipline Amazonian Literature, given to the pupils of 4 year of the course of Letters? Full Licenciatura in Portuguese Language, of the University of the State of Par, for Msc professor.