Jose Moreno Villa

The poems of spine are written with lightness and grace playful, next to the deployed by Jose Moreno Villa and Ramon Gomez de la Serna who joined many ties of affinity. Spine art passes from the verses of his scripts and thresholds, to the prose of his bird Pinto, Moon of cups, Madrid, Romea, comedian, Ganivet Bandit Luis Candelas: the man and the work, among other books. In 1935 he was prosecuted for publishing, El Liberal in Bilbao, the Hitler case. Supporter of the implication of the writer in politics, Antonio Espina militated in Azana, Republican left party. He was civil Governor of Avila and later of the Balearic Islands, already in the beginning of 1936. At the end of the war was sentenced to death, but the sentence was then commuted le. Thus begins a painful and silent war, which ends with an exile in Mexico. Collaborates in Spanish exile literary magazines: reality /Revista of ideas, the Spains, the sixties, horseback riding, Iberian community and the Spanish novel.

In the constituent Assembly of the Ateneo Spanish of Mexico, he became Secretary of the literature section. Returned to Spain, in 1960, lives a particular internal exile with some collaborations in ABC, who signed with the pseudonym of Simon de Atocha and the pages of the Revista de Occidente, in his second season. In recent years reissued soul Garibay (1964) and the comic genius and other essays (1965), both in Chile and compilation, both of old articles and poems. He published a history of the Spanish press the fourth power, full of tasty reflections and charged of political intent. Solo, he saw in any gathering of the lion coffee and sometimes in the company of Francisco Ayala and Jose Bergamin. Antonio Espina died in Madrid on February 12, 1972.

The verse of Antonio Espina admires and am amazed by the reality of his living presence. Thorn, purges, wraps objects that look at the pictures of his thought – by squeezing its contour finely to reduce it to the strict, precise, fair expression. Had said that the verse of Antonio Espina had schottische rhythm: and added by Marichalar – schottische atop a brick. Antonio Espina has the great joy of being great, authentic, spontaneous, immediate. And then: writing, writing for writing: literary art. And besides having talent. The literary talent of thorn is to miss all the great espontaneidades of his poetic invention, in prose and verse, which gives the art of spine that flavor of authenticity, of pure poetry. The literary art of thorn is a very fine skin. The artist is inhibited, escapes, disappears, for which art and only art your art – is. And is that, as our poet brilliantly said: that he loves the paradox, it stays. Francisco Arias Solis the first condition for peace is the desire to achieve it.