King Priam

After the work, the remnants of the Greek navy and pretended from Greek spy, Sinon, convinced the Trojans accepted the horse as a peace offering and honoring Athena. The Trojans, despite the warnings of Laocoon, priest of Apollo and Cassandra, daughter of Priam, king of Troy, willingly accepted the trophy. What is ignored is that in the great horses, hundreds of soldiers waited for the night Achaeans to attack. The supposed end of the war and the victory of Troy dominated the mood of the city. Embedded glory, its residents organized a big party where the drinking, dancing and thanks to the gods were not lacking.

Men Achaeans, led by Odysseus, waiting patiently in the morning. The ongoing silence of the city gave them the signal waiting. The Trojans, absolutely drunk, watched in horror as the Achaeans descended from the large wooden horse. Unable to defend itself, the resistance was useless. The proud and impregnable Troy, 10 years after the war began, was sacked without mercy.

They had fulfilled the prophecy of the gods. The news of the fall of Troy full of joy to the whole Greece. The main heroes of this story, each with different circumstances, returned to their homelands after meeting the recommendation was the ghost of Achilles: The sacrifice of Polyxena, the Trojan princess, the youngest child of the marriage between Hecuba and King Priam. All major Greek militia leaders (Idomeneo, Neoptolomeo, son of Achilles, among others) returned to their land. King Menelaus brought back home to the beautiful Helen, who despite the years, was irresistible.