Landscaping In A Drought Environment

There are a large number of plants that use very little water and so are optimal to be placed in your garden if you are concerned about water savings. The first thing we have to distinguish the climate of our plantation area, we all like bougainvillea, but can not withstand low temperatures.

Therefore we distinguish different situations or climates: 1 .- Climate Atlantic For Atlantic climate interpret those places where the minimum temperatures are low but rarely are reaching zero, but instead the maximum usually not very high. Rainfall is also an interesting factor to take into account these areas the rains are widespread, and the problem of drought is in a second paragraph. Thus the Atlantic climate zone we can narrow in the north of the peninsula. In these areas I recommend to be somewhat cautious and especially do not think that there will never lack water, taking appropriate measures to avoid waste.

In this particular year in Galicia are passing a very bad not only for fires but because the rain does not make its appearance. The use of drip irrigation in the gardens and sprinklers or nozzles with developers for the turf are the most interesting measures. What we must never do is the use of irrigation with hoses and the wastage of water is significant. If you are a hedge watering with a hose, for example, and watered while we decided to do another job, most likely we forget to count the time it takes the hose spraying water at our feet, and not only have a problem when the amount provided water, but more serious and will be sure that our plants will have an excess of water unnecessary.