Laser Sources And Laser Machines

Laser sources and laser machines for the innovative and efficient giving the Division lasers & material processing by Jenoptik is from 25 to 28 September 2012 their laser sources and laser machines for the innovative and efficient giving on the EU PVSEC 2012, Hall 3, booth D17a on the grounds of Messe Frankfurt in Frankfurt am Main in front. Diode-pumped femtosecond laser for optimum use in the photovoltaic industry based on the disc laser technology guarantees an excellent stability of the parameters of the femtosecond laser JenLas D2.fs and sets a new benchmark for laser sources in the Femtosekundenklasse. The laser emits high pulse energies and can be operated in the area of high repetition rates. The beam quality of M sq? 1.25 in conjunction with the pulse duration by? 400 fs enables innovative applications of industrial lasers in photovoltaics. To mention is the selective removal of individual layers in the processing of multiple-layer systems consisting of different materials. The industrial application is the removal of Dielectric layers on crystalline solar cells. Jenoptik laser sources have OEM design and are perfectly suited for integration into any laser machine. All-rounder for the laser structuring of thin film solar cells in original size still presented Division lasers & material processing by Jenoptik at EU PVSEC 2012 their unique machine generation of the JENOPTIK-VOTAN SOLAS multi.

This laser machine is to a universal mass production plant for all structuring procedure. She can be used also as F & pilot plant for the optimization of custom Dunnschichtphotovoltaikmodulen. This means that the appropriate laser sources are integrated into the machine concept. The JENOPTIK-VOTAN SOLAS multi for the structuring and the JENOPTIK-VOTAN edit efficiently Solas LED for the edge decoating small to very large thin-film solar modules. Other applications are mechanical scribing of CIS/CIGS technology and the laser removal for semi-transparent BIPV modules. For more information Please visit pvsec.

Jenoptik lasers & material processing Division in the field of lasers & material processing we dominate the entire value chain of laser materials processing and are among the leading suppliers of component up to the complex. In the area of the laser has Jenoptik specializes semiconductor material, reliable diode lasers, as well as innovative solid state laser like disc and fiber laser on high quality and is high-performance diode lasers worldwide recognized quality leader. This laser beam sources are used among others in material processing, medical technology and in the field of show & entertainment. In the field of laser systems, we develop laser systems and machines that are integrated in the course of process optimization and automation with our customers in manufacturing plants. These are used for processing of plastics, metals, glass and thin-film solar cells with high efficiency, precision and safety.