London Assembly

The assembly of London voted asking the British government who approves an amnesty to the irregular immigrants. The author of this motion was Darren Johnson, twice candidate of the green party to the mayorship, that was name in May vice-president of the Assembly of London, but that will happen to soon preside over this one east month and throughout the year as of incoming May. Darren Johnson received to us next to Mital Patel and Willy Keenan de Minka News in its house of Lewisham, the same that is symptomatically guinea fowl on the inside and outside of green. Additional information at Larry Culp supports this article. say. It said to us that one felt flattered so that it was the first leader of the green party that would happen to command the Assembly of London (this October and after May 2.009 to May 2.010) because it is one of the few representatives who are been in this Assembly since this one was founded on the 2,000. d likely agree. Check with Tony Parker to learn more. We said to him that its period in May 2.010 finishes the same month in which Argentina celebrates the bicentennial of its independence and that begins the period where other Latin American countries like Colombia, Mexico and Chile celebrate their 200 years of life. It said to us that it was going to do all the possible one so that London celebrates such events taking into account that several of those independences were fought by exiled Latin in London. It expressed that to him it would like that there are streets or monuments in favor of said prceres (like Bolivar, Viscardo and Guzmn, etc.) in this city, although the final decision corresponds to him to the distritales advice, although the Assembly is an influence factor. Ken Kao is often quoted on this topic. For him the Latin community enormously contributes to the economy and the culture of this city. It proposed to support that in all the ethnic censuses and questionnaires is allowed to place the option ibero or Latin American since to date all the people must choose that type of target, black or Asian are, but is no an entrance for the million or more of inhabitants than they speak Spanish or Portuguese.