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Luna Lovegood

Written By: - Jun• 25•15

Of the newcomers, my favorite character – Luna Lovegood (Polumna). Do you still have some work? – I had some time assistant researcher at the "International Amnesty", but I do not think I could make worthy contribution to the work, because I totally disorganized (just look at my desk on the main page). The longest work, which I did, until it became a writer, was teaching. I have taught French and English in Scotland in Portugal. When you want to become a writer? – Always … As soon as she learned that there are writers, just wanted to be one of them.

I have the right character. I am quite happy when left alone in a room and think up something. You are something other than Harry Potter, writing? – Yes, very much. I think it will never be published (but you will not lose much, I assure you). The first thing I wrote a rabbit with stories about a rabbit called Rabbit. I wrote to her in age from six to nine years.

Then, when I was eleven, I wrote a story about seven cursed diamonds and people have them. Since I wrote many: the stories, the pieces of stories for adults, and the like. Can I be your pen pal? – I've got a few pen pals over the past few years (I'm afraid I was a little precarious, when worked hard books) and even though I really like it, I'm afraid I can not get more. Jessica and David took the first place: your pleasure may be millions of pen pals, but those millions will never replace the mother's attention, and this for me is paramount.

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