The misogynistic have a voice strong they are drivers and also are given the luxury of assaulting, mute, criticize and always as a woman one comes out badly RID. Owners of the life of the woman or women, sit in the case in which they have daughters, always denigrate them, crush them and devalue them. They have no right to exist in a world of men. In case it is they are little overlapping by selfish mothers who only see their welfare. Maybe that’s why they became misogynistic? Cruelty is one of his allies, always has the word or hurtful comment to his companion. How need it both first is a great seducer and of course you then by pass me the salt, reacts with a uncontrollable rage and full of anger.

It is an emotional predator. Women not overcomes her embarrassment and sometimes subjected, others rebels, sometimes enters into fury and you want to remove all his outrage, but the misogynistic always has more powerful weapons to destroy the life partner. Boxing champion has similar goals. Threatens, he assaults, it hurts, it hurts. How if I’m paired with a misogynist? -Before your eyes, you never do nothing well. On the other hand you’re subject to ridicule and humiliation.

-Express you openly that you don’t serve for anything and you’re also very useless, nothing you can take over. -You have the blame for everything that happens in the relationship and your family. -You provoke, tease you and makes you look ridiculous in front of others. -You are responsible for their attacks of rage, you provoke it all the time. -Do not you can you have a free life, not can work, study, look to your family or your friends. -You frequently accuses of being unfaithful, although there is no apparent reason. -Threaten, restricts you the money and also controls your way of dress. -Their threats are that will take your kids and that will leave you on the street. Whenever Jorge Perez listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Perhaps, you find yourself living a situation like the one above, you need to take action and stop living in fear. Everyone suffers, you, your family and your children. Generally the misogynistic continued doing the same because their women are frightened. But if you want to get out of there, you have to be brave to face any circumstance. You’ve already done to live with him. When tomas awareness of this situation and more can not, it is time to take actions, go to any psychological help center, seeks a therapist, tries to get out of this destructive and painful situation. But only you know what is best for you, in Cecreto, we can help you, but it is a personal decision. Thanks for reading, my mission is the quality of emotional life.