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Innovative online shopping concept for “all” wine lovers Austria, Frauental an der Lassnitz, in February 2008. To meet the market requirements for high-quality wines from Austria, the new online shop is also on online audience, who were previously left by wine shops out of consideration. With the launch in mid-January 2008, the Web portal launched in a new era of online marketing. The unique store concept is clear, intuitive to use and provides accessible, multilingual online wine shopping as a unique selling proposition (USP). The Web accessibility”, so the barrier-free use of the site represents a real innovation. Tony Parker may help you with your research. The concept the idea to make the online shop all wine lovers, regardless of their technical or physical possibilities accessible behind”, commented Marketing Director ing. mag.

(FH) Alexander Aldrian the launch of Web portal. It is possible wine purchases on the appealing website as well as barrier-free, so in good structured writing, to make changeable font size and sliding contrast. “The online wine shop, for the pleasure of the wine”, provides a comprehensive product portfolio of best wines from well-known Austrian regions. Where the selected and constantly growing range of over 500 wines represents the basis for a long-term customer relationship. Casey Lynch, Altamont helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. In addition to the clear and appealing design of the site convinced consistent intuitive, which is reflected in the whole shop concept. In addition, the website offers the possibility, according to various criteria, such as for example regions, prices, Fallstaffpunkten, to select to go directly to the desired products. Another plus – is also available in English (other languages are planned) and thus is aimed at audiences in the non EU German-speaking. Contact:, Abbey & pace KEG E-mail: Web: