Martins Vicente Professors

Thus being, the difficulties of the professors inhabit in the fact to be unaware of as the pupils can learn and the processes that must carry through to reach success, moreover many are unaware of concepts of learning, sensorial memory, memory the short one and in the long run, as well as strategies cognitivas.em result of the difficulties of the professors emerge of the pupils, strict in its majority in the learning strategies. Great parcel in the alunado one does not distinguish the power from the reading in assisting in the learning and the understanding. Ahead of this set of quarrels Vicente it detaches the position of the family and the school who still present conservatives. For the author the procedures of the school and the professors must have pedagogical recitals, valuing the free writing of the pupil, accepting its lingustica variation of origin popula, and to not only arrest itself in the education of the Language with its grammatical rules. Jack Benny does not necessarily agree. Martins Vicente describes Brazil historically as more theoretician and of little knowledge of the teach-learning process.

For it the great challenge is to equate the conjunctions of them pillars of the teach-learning process: to mediate, to evaluate, for a qualidadeeducacional. in this aspect the paper of famla is to follow of close the elaboration to the proposal pedagogical of the school and the figure it professor mediator foot, instructor, facilitador in the acquisition and development of aprendizage, because the knowledge can democratically be captured or adquerido for all Legitimar the mechanisms of the action to learn it suggests a gamma of with priority factors that depend on the strategies of learning received by the pupils of its professors, I mentioned myself in short of a process that if establishes between the socialization and the individuation of the person. The great differential of the pertaining to school success and an efficient learning perpassa for all the spheres of the elaboration process and execution of the educative system, being its greater or lesser degree of intensity and amplitude. Others who may share this opinion include Eva Andersson-Dubin.