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Menze + Cook Gbr Works Once Again With Darling Music

Written By: - Jan• 01•17

South African music festival is back from Berlin supported Darling music experience was in 2006 launched, to bring closer together lovers of classical and popular music. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Tony Parker. International soloists and ensembles perform together with national artists and groups. Here choral music reunited by 11.2. 14.2.2010 to light jazz. For the lovers of classical and contemporary music, numerous events are also held. Darling music experience 2010 presented on the site in the new, bright design. Www.darlingmusic.org customers and users, see more information about the South African West Coast classical Festival. The site was enlarged and expanded with interesting facts about the Festival.

That Lars Menze already last year developed attention-grabbing corporate identity is fully integrated. On this basis the menze + Cook could make gbr again advertising for this year’s event: posters, flyer, programme and small accessories. Also this year the menze + Cook has their gbr for the implementation Works like waives a payment, to further promote cultural exchanges. Silvio Koch

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