Mexican Congress

It is what makes us get up and go ahead. Knowledge aims to take charge. Spiritual knowledge simplifies us, makes us singles, removes us attachments, poses, pretensions, dogmas, fears, leaves us with what is, leaves us in a creative vacuum, a vacuum of egos and full of truth. Without human integrity and moral development is no nothing. The development of humanity has reached a point in which already cannot continue only through material and technological development.

A turn is prevailing in the current educational system. The alternative is the holistic education. For the third semester the most shocking was able to do a trial of the twelve books of Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava, not only to know his work but working with her was something that truly opened and allowed that fall many twenties. It is amazing to meet someone who has that possibility of production bibliography with a few years and that also focus very well on the terms that he defines as education holistic, spirituality, perennial philosophy, among everything what is the topic. Ideas such as the teacher must demonstrate love, compassion and confidence and that the student will be mirror of those virtues. That the educator holistic is the embodiment of mind, spirit and body, that spiritual practice allows yeast to the conscience.

As educators we should nurture the multiple intelligences of students, be and teach them to be meta-cognitive, that we must be developers of talent, apply the contemplation and also work on own spiritual aspirations. And the idea of sculpting the statue itself, from make aware of things that are not right and look inward. Already for the fourth semester experience to speak of holistic education to people from a company that has nothing to do with education and that they have been interested, opens us other great opportunities. But what I will leave more trace is without doubt the fact of having been elected to participate in the Mexican Congress of holistic education. Sincerely this action has left marked my experience in expertise, with fear of speaking to not say things that I could complicate to defend an exhibition that had chosen and that was honestly very rewarding. The preparation of the item, work as a team with my co-workers and know that we can do it despite everything and conditions that were presented. And thus now the challenge is to do what I must to apply everything I have seen and hope to learn from this beautiful experience. I must say that despite harsh moments during the third semester in relation to make or not a Colloquy in San Luis Potosi, that made us grow more and see things from another point of view. Master’s degree in holistic education by Adelita sources.